Grief is real. Grief is BIG.
Grief is better shared.

We provide safe environments for grieving children, teens and adults to explore and express their feelings after the death of a loved one and learn to thrive in a world without that special person.

Grief is a normal expression of love after a loved one dies.

Everyone grieves — children, teens and adults — but we all grieve differently. Grief is normal, but it often feels very abnormal. Grief is an expression of love, and the only cure for grief is to allow yourself to grieve.

Grief is better shared,

and you do not have to grieve alone.
Mother and Son at Camp Good Grief

It’s important to understand grief and how grief impacts us.

Grief involves the entire body. We grieve in five ways — physically, mentally, behaviorally, emotionally and spiritually.

Grief causes us to experience other losses as well. We lose part of ourselves — our security and our hope for the future. Share your grief – you don’t have to grieve alone.

Common Questions About Grief

Grief is a big subject. Get answers to common questions
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